This assistance consists, for persons residing in the overseas collectivities of Saint Pierre and Miquelon and Wallis and Futuna, in a reimbursement of part of the price of a return trip to destination of the metropolis or of another overseas collectivity. It concerns the students, artists and sportsmen participating in… Seguir leyendo What is the assistance for and does it consist of transport?

The territorial continuity is a principle of public service which has the objective of strengthening cohesion between different areas of the same State, compensating handicaps linked to their remoteness, a remoteness or difficult to access. Territorial continuity The outermost regions of the European Union and the overseas countries and territories… Seguir leyendo What is Territorial continuity?

The stakes of the battle in Washington federal court between Bill Gates and Joel Klein ( deputy attorney general at the antitrust office of the Department of Justice) far exceeds the fate of Microsoft or the sharing of the browser market. In ruling the government’s charge of monopoly practices against… Seguir leyendo Antitrust in the United States

The March 24, 2004 Following four years of investigation by European Commissioner Mario Monti, the European Commission makes its decision in the antitrust lawsuit against the firm. The decision rendered condemns the monopoly position of Microsoft and its illegal practices. It inflicts on Microsoft a historic penalty of 497.5 million… Seguir leyendo Learn more about European competition

Microsoft is the subject of many criticisms, controversies about its operation and its actions, which are regularly the subject of articles in the media. This article brings together all the criticisms, controversies and cases around society. Dominant position Controversies Microsoft quickly dominated the entire personal computing industry and emerged as… Seguir leyendo Disputes Microsoft Business