The Futuroscope hosts the second world cup video games. The space allocated to the tournament, however, is out of proportion with the previous edition since almost all the park was now exploited by the event.

The setting up of a big outdoor stage proved necessary to avoid the saturation of the last days when the crowd is more important, screens were installed so that the event could be followed quite easily even if the spectators were not present at the venue of the competition.

Success Futuroscope

In terms of disciplines, Ligarena had to make a number of choices, sometimes original. Thus the Quake III Arena tournament is a duel as before, but not all games are played with the same players.

These are national delegations that send each player a player to represent their team. The format is actually analogous to that of the Davis Cup tennis and unpublished in an electronic sports tournament.

The ESWC, now popular with the community of players and spectators, has already acquired in two years the status of essential competition. Leaving the Futuroscope in favor of the Coupe de France video games , the organization sees things in big by electing home to the carousel of the Louvre , in the heart of Paris. Increased monetary rewards, new partners, prestigious venue and a scene of more than a thousand seats mounted in the Louvre underground, the ESWC seemed to have all the assets in hand to gain even more notoriety. In preparing the 2005 edition, Ligarena, now renamed Games-Services , was preparing to take a huge risk.

Counter-Strike is globally recognized as the flagship game of electronic sport, but the release of Counter-Strike: Source in October 2004 has sparked heated debate for many months. Should this game succeed Counter-Strike version 1.6in competitions? Games-Services considers that this still unstable sequel was not ready for e-sports exploitation, so it is on the original version of Valve Corporation’s flagship gamethat the ESWC is trying to set its sights.

Date 2005

The Cyberathlete Professional League prepares the CPL Summer 2005, the other big competition of the moment, and decided to face the ESWC. Angel Munoz’s organization elected Counter-Strike: Source as a successor and plans a $ 100,000 tournament . In addition, CPL has signed a partnership with Ritual Entertainment and now owns the exclusive operation of Painkillerin competition, depriving the ESWC of tournament on this game. Worse yet, the dates of the CPL Summer 2005 coincide perfectly with those of the ESWC 2005, depriving the players of the opportunity to participate in both competitions. The two organizations were then engaged in a war whose winner would be the one who would realize the most beautiful event.

The decline in endowments and the organization of a Counter-Strike 1.6 tournament shows that their previous decision was probably not viable. This half-turn initiated by the CPL comes quite late, however, so that all the world organizations have their eyes fixed on the ESWC.

Again, the ESWC surprises by choosing a rather unusual game: Gran Turismo, after having signed a partnership with Konami. Pro Evolution Soccern logically follows the version by changing media at the expense of the PlayStation.

For many months, the debate is heated in the community Counter-Strike , ESWC’s main discipline. The version 1.6 released in September 2003 does not satisfy part of the players and divides the community. This latest version profoundly modifies the game’s architecture and gameplay.

More than a simple update, it is for some of a new game. It is this last version that Ligarena despite the reluctance of some players and the tournament was ultimately a success. Unreal Tournament 2004 follows, naturally, to the 2003 version.

Two new games are hosted by ESWC. The first is Painkiller , a new duel game adopted by a part of the Quake and Unreal Tournament community , also chosen by the ESWC rival Cyberathlete Professional League.

The second is Pro Evolution Soccer 3 , the first console game of the ESWC but especially a new game in eSports competitions. This is a risk that the organization has chosen to take by selecting this game.

Date 2006 Futuroscope

  • Date: June 28 to July 2, 2006
  • Place: Palais Omnisports of Paris-Bercy , Paris , FranceFlag of France
  • Total rewards: 300 000 €.

After the undeniable success of the 2005 edition and the visibility that the event offered to the general public, the ESWC becomes the reference competition. Shortly after ESWC 2005, the organizing team dissolved Ligarena to create the Games-Services business and thus go public. Many changes are expected for the 2006 edition and announcements after announcements, items on the venue and disciplines are revealed.

On October 5, 2005, Games-Services announces that the ESWC 2006 will take place at the Palais Omnisports of Paris-Bercy . It was originally announced that two underground rooms would be used and not the central room. Following this release, NetG radio interviews Matthieu Dallon who reveals to have views on Asia and gives himself three years to create an event in China.

On November 30, 2005, PlanetG on NetG Radio was entirely devoted to ESWC as the entire Games-Services team was invited to the set. The disciplines were revealed one by one during the show and if one found without surprise all the disciplines of 2005 (with Pro Evolution Soccer and Quake, however Futuroscope), a new game made its appearance.

During the summer, Games-Services has agreed with the French studio Nadeo (developer of the series TrackMania and Virtual Skipper ) to create a free game specially designed for the competition.
TrackMania Nations ESWCwas born and won a huge success with the general public. Moreover, from now on, all the disciplines are considered as official and there will be no more «exhibition».

Finally, Games-Services publishes in February 2010 a series of 3D renderings showing the big stage of the Paris-Bercy sports arena built for the ESWC, a sign that the competitions will take place in this large space.

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