In the portions, size matters!


Caring for the portions does not mean limiting you. The key is to open yourself to new combinations, in this way, try a wide variety of flavors, without depriving yourself of anything. Discover with us what foods and in what quantity, are advised to get a balanced meal.

  • First, vegetables. They provide us with vitamins, minerals, water, and fiber. Include them in each of your meals. The ideal portion would be two cups, that is, half of your plate or what fits in your two hands together. Try that the vegetable is the first thing you eat, because thanks to the amount of fiber they provide, they will help you to feel satisfied and not exceed in the rest.
  • Animal foods. Meat, chicken, fish, and tuna provide protein, vitamins, and minerals. The correct portion is from the palm of your hand, that is, a quarter of your plate (approximately 90 grams). Speaking of ham or cheese, two fingers would be the suggested amount and egg, one or two per meal.
  • Cereals and legumes. Pasta, rice, oats, beans, beans, lentils. They give you energy for the day’s activities and, especially legumes such as beans, also provide protein. The recommended portion is half a cup, like the palm of your cupped hand, that is, the other quarter of your plate. You can change it for an omelet or a slice of bread.
  • Fruits. It is important to vary the color of the ones you consume because each of them provides different vitamins and minerals. The fruit portion should be the size of the fist of your hand. They are an excellent option to consume as a snack in the middle of the morning or the afternoon.
  • Oil, butter, mayonnaise, sugar or honey. A teaspoon, or a thumb of your hand, that’s the recommended portion. Get used to cooking with little fat and prefer steamed or grilled dishes, to avoid the capeados and fried. Similarly, take into consideration the low, reduced or sugar-free options offered by the Mexican Coca-Cola Industry, which fit any lifestyle.
  • Almonds, nuts, peanuts They contain healthy fats and you can consume what fits in the palm of your hand. You can eat them mid-morning or mid-afternoon because it’s very easy to bring them with you at any time.

Thus, you can see that there are no prohibited foods, but there are adequate amounts and moments to consume them. Always remember that the nutritional requirements vary from one person to another and depend on several factors such as age, gender and the amount of physical activity you perform.