The Blues ended up taking just one point due to both the Tomelloseros in the discount, which deprived of returning to the path of victory to a Calvo Sotelo that adds two of the last fifteen points that have been put into play but keep their comfortable position in the classification

By Fernando Romero

The family of Calvo Sotelo lived yesterday a great day that could not finish the desired way, with triumph. And it is that everything went to ask for mouth except the final result of the game that, in case of having been a victory, would have served to put a big pin to the “Member’s Day”. But Atlético Tomelloso, needing to add three in a row, was bitter at the end of the party for the Blues scoring a goal in the discount that they celebrated in style, considering that they almost become empty.

During the day, from one o’clock, meeting and family day for the blue fans, where the duel was lived in the kitchen, with a tough fight between sweet rice and a La Mancha stew that, by consensus and so that there would be a distribution of points, it was in a draw. A premonition of what would later happen on the lawn of Cerrú.


After a pleasant day of coexistence, the beginning of a match where visitors wanted to put their stamp since they were the ones who had to win yes or yes. Buitrago was the first to put in the trouble to Reguero, one of the players who finish the season at his best level. After a shot to the half turn inside the area of ​​Abraham, again the visitors were the ones who tried it, with occasions for Candela and Miller. Just before the break, Luque was able to put the visitors ahead, who saw how his poor marksmanship made him arrive with the initial score when leaving the field on the way to the locker room.

The second part followed the same script, with a more incisive Tomelloso in search of victory against a Calvo Sotelo who is noticing that he already has the duties done and that nothing is put into play. That makes the intensity, almost inevitably, not the same. Something that was not able to take advantage of an Atlético Tomelloso that remained unsuccessful in the face of goal. And what’s more, he ran into a goal by George in the 60th minute of the match that seemed to bring the home side to victory.


Iván Limón was able to sentence the game, but his shot to the side of the area was practically the last approach of interest for the Puertollaneros who, when they thought they had everything done, saw how Alexandre tied a game in which perhaps they deserved something more. But as happened to Calvo Sotelo on more than one occasion, they pardoned and in the end, they had to settle for a single point, which does not take him out of the last position and prevents him from drawing with Mora, who this Saturday fell on his fief against Almagro.

For his part, Calvo Sotelo continues to live placidly in the middle of the classification and has added two points in the last five games played. Enough to keep comfortable seeing how they are giving the rest of the results day after day. Next Thursday they visit, from 12, the Marchamalo, who is playing his life to avoid the descent.